What would you do if you could start over?

What stories would you write? What people would you meet? What places would you visit? What wonders would you make if you knew you COULD NOT FAIL?  

What risks would you take if you realized that falling is just the other side of flying? What work of art could you create and become if you trusted yourself to go after the life you desire?


Let go of what no longer serves you. Follow your heart. Rediscover your purpose. Face your fear. Reignite your courage. Fall in love with your vision. Stretch your comfort zone. Fuel your soul. Nourish your body. Free your mind. Rewrite your stories of survival into new stories of aliveness.

Life is short. What will you make of it? 

Most of our lives happen in the realm of the ordinary, caught in the routine of our daily to-do lists, postponing the wonder, ignoring our intuition, dismissing our creativity, quieting our hearts, delaying our hero's journey for "someday," or "later" when all of our pieces might be aligned. 

The more connected we are through our screens and devices, the more disconnected we grow inside. Distracted by our shoulds, coulds and woulds, fully dependent on technology and yet alienated from our true desire, we keep on going, going, going...

Meanwhile, our encounters with the infinite, our oneness with nature, our times of authentic connection with other creators, our episodes of surrender to the sacred mysteries of life are becoming more rare and short lived. We’re too busy getting “somewhere” to enjoy the life we work for, too rushed and distracted to dive into the depth of its beauty.  

Signs that you need Creative Rehab

✔ Your creative juices have stopped flowing and you've been feeling stuck, directionless, uncertain or uninspired in one or more areas of your life.  

✔ You are restless yet rootless, your soul is often homeless and longing for a deeper, more authentic connection to your true self and to like-minded creative conspirators. 

✔ You want to open up to life again, but you don't feel safe, understood or motivated in your usual surroundings. You need inspiring and supportive company to help you break through and let go of what is still holding you back. 

✔ You're an adventurer at heart. You often feel the need to stretch your comfort zone, along with the desire to explore yourself as you explore the world. You want to break free from your usual routine and make some space to learn yourself anew.

✔ You have a strong appreciation for the Arts, a deep desire to create, and an insatiable curiosity about other cultures and ways of life -- and you'd like to further awaken and nourish this passion within you.

✔ You're looking for a solid, endless source of inspiration, a grounding creative power, a satisfying fountain of life, that comes from within, transcends your limitations and feeds your soul for months and years to come. 

✔ You don't just want to be informed and entertained by an experience; you need to be transformed, touched to the core, and challenged to be more.  


As artists of this life, our ultimate goal is to create more life, to seek and multiply our moments of deep connection to our true selves, to others and to our environment. We can't do this wholeheartedly from behind a screen.

We need our senses to remind us we're alive. We need adventure to teach us how to play. We need courage to help us leap, creativity to build us a net, we need our hearts to point the way back to ourselves.  

How will Creative Rehab Bali help you fall in love with Life?

Creative Rehab Bali by Pete Longworth
By Pete Longworth - Creative Rehab Bali 2016

Through workshops in Writing, Creative Troublemaking and Empowering Life Design, combined with Yoga & Meditation, time in Nature, local Adventures, Friendship and Connection, the Creative Rehab Bali experience will jumpstart your heart and help you:

... APPRECIATE YOURSELF AS A CREATOR, own your worth and understand your crucial role as the Artist of Your Life. Empower your vision, give meaning to your mission, and start designing your life, work and message in this world, with renewed purpose and passion. 

... LOVE YOUR BODY, as you become more aware and sensitive to its needs and the truths that it whispers. Reconnect with nature and recognize yourself as an essential part of the whole.  

... BE ROMANCED BY LIFE and recover the spiritual truths, the transcendence and the divine appreciation of beauty you have lost in the trenches of fighting for your dreams, instead of dancing your way towards them. 

... REIGNITE YOUR CREATIVITY, get fresh ideas, insight and energy, by standing on a different vantage point, and light your tired heart back on fire. 

... REWRITE YOUR STORY of survival into a truer and more fulfilling Story of Aliveness. Reframe your mind to start regarding life from a Creator's Paradigm. 

... CONNECT WITH LIKE-MINDED CREATORS, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Adventurers, Free-spirited Nonconformists, and Soulful Troublemakers like yourself, who will inspire you to dig deeper, love yourself better, and dare to create the life that's been waiting for you all along.

Why Bali? 

Famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, luscious rainforests, surf beaches and coral reefs, as well as its magnificent temples, warm and welcoming culture, delicious food and world-class accommodation — topped only by the hospitality, kindness and creativity of its people, Bali has become one of the most visited and beloved islands on the planet. 

There is something about this place that is hard to put into words — a vibrant joyful energy, a human warmth, an intoxicating beauty, a palpable love of art, a sacred mystery that has continued to invite, captivate and inspire thousands of restless visitors from all over the world, for decades. 

If we could choose ONE WORD to describe the Balinese attitude and culture, it’d be CELEBRATION

The Balinese celebrate nature, family, animals, the earth, their gods, and each other, more frequently and openly than any other culture we know. 

Their celebrations usually consist of acts of gratitude, purification ceremonies, sacred music, dance and offerings, followed by family meals and quality time together

There's a contagious joy emanating from the way they live their life and share it with others, that catches on and makes you feel at home, no matter where you come from. 

We didn't really choose Bali for this adventure. We feel like Bali has chosen us. 

We just tuned in and listened. We paid attention to the signs and we surrendered to our infinite creative nature, and suddenly we found ourselves in paradise co-creating something we would have never dreamed possible, had we not leaped into the beautiful unknown. 

The best thing after finding a treasure is sharing it with those who get it, need it, want it, seek it too. This March, we want to share Bali with you...

The wonders that await us...

Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
  • We'll write, workshop and play, eat healthy food and laugh, do yoga and relax. 
  • We’ll refine our self-expression and deepen our self-trust, as we learn more about creative work and business, review our mission, vision and purpose on this planet, and start redesigning our lives in the truest version of us.
  • We'll meditate, practice self-inquiry, connect with nature, get reacquainted with the stories that our lives are telling. 
  • We'll sail with dolphins at sunrise, and visit waterfalls and temples, and let ourselves be loved by Bali and its people
  • We'll get the most amazing massages and wellness treatments you've possibly ever experienced. Trust us...
  • We'll let go of what's holding us back, begin to know and love and trust ourselves again. 
  • We'll remind each other that our lives are sacred, and that our voice, work and actions make a difference
  • We'll take lots of pictures and videos
  • We'll make new friends, co-warriors and creative accomplices that will support us in our breakthroughs and root for our creative revolution for months and years to come. 
  • We'll adventure into the peaceful Bali Sea (North of Bali) for snorkeling and scuba diving. 
  • We'll remember that the point of us is not survival, but aliveness, and that we are the Chief Creators of our life and love, work and reality. 

Pete Longworth Photography - Creative Rehab Bali

Ready to take a leap in the direction of your heartbeats, explore the imperfect beauty and depth of your humanity, connect with nature and other creators, take a break from the rat race, and write your truest lines as you nourish your heart, mind and body back to life?

This retreat will not help you escape reality, but re-create it, by facing it wholeheartedly, fueled by your truth. 

Who's invited to this party? 

YOU! The Creator reading these lines. And any other friend or lover you'd like to bring along.

Solo or accompanied, you will be joined by other creative troublemakers from around the world, ready to let go of what's holding them back and fall in love with life for the first time, again. 

We are attracting wisdom seekers and soulful creators from all walks of life, in search of not just adventure, but also life-changing content, not just the thrill & the beauty of travel, but also the substance of a deeper love affair with life, not just creative revolution but also the creative evolution that comes after each high.  

If you can hear your Spirit's Call to a Creative & Fulfilling Life, MEET US IN BALI next March 23-30. You'll never be the same again.  

What other creators are saying...

Here is what some of the creators who've joined us had to say about the adventure: 

3 Words that describe the Creative Rehab Experience...

Want to see more photos of Creative Rehab Bali? Check out the amazing Bali Gallery - created by photographer and visual artist Pete Longworth. And the breathtaking Bali Album, courtesy of the talented Maria Font Photography. You can also search the hashtag #CreativeRehabBali on Instagram, for more snapshots by the different creators joining us.  


ANDREA BALT Writer, Creative Troublemaker, Artistpreneur. Mama of Creative Rehab, Rebelle Society, Write Yourself Alive & Year of You 

Trough her work, Andrea tries to reflect the wholeness of the human experience by combining Creativity & Writing, Art & Travel, Mind, Body & Soul into a more expressive, abundant and expansive Art of Being Alive. 

She holds a BA in Mass Communication and an MFA in Creative Writing. She is also a Holistic Health Coach and a 200-hr certified Yoga Teacher. 

In the last 7 years Andrea has helped hundreads of thousands of stuck creators around the world come alive and reignite their passion, through her writing, teaching, coaching, sold-out events and sought-after online courses. 

She is a catalyst for inspiring others to rediscover their innate creative superpowers, trust, write + share their stories, and re-create their lives, one act of courage at a time.

Read More: andreabalt.com

Where is our adventure taking place?

Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016

Our chosen paradise for Creative Rehab Bali is the Zen Resort Bali -- the beautiful, life-changing holistic resort we fell in love with during our first Bali adventure.  

It is located in the tranquil and luscious North of Bali and it's the only retreat center on the island specializing in Ayurveda lifestyle, philosophy, food and wellness, in addition to their eco-centered service and facilities. 

Tucked away in the jungle, removed from traffic, free of pollution and celebrating life to an all-day soundtrack of exotic birds, the Zen Resort Bali has been the perfect match for our adventure.  

It also happens to be a top favorite destination, as well as a Travellers' Choice Winner on Trip Advisor. Check out the outstanding reviews HERE. 

With endless gratitude for the impeccable service, care and attention to detail we've received at Zen Resort, they've now become a part of our extended family in Bali and we can't wait to introduce you to this life oasis. 

Andrea Balt - Zen Resort Bali - Creative Rehab
Andrea Balt - Creative Rehab - Zen Resort Bali

For more delightful photographs of the resort and its facilities, please see the beautiful Zen Resort Gallery. You can also watch the short introductory video about the resort and its services, found on their HOMEPAGE.  

A Day at Creative Rehab Bali (sample schedule)

Andrea Balt - Creative Rehab Bali

♦ Sunrise Meditation ♦

♦ Morning Yoga ♦

♦ Energizing Breakfast ♦

♦ Morning Workshops in Writing, Creative Business & Empowering Life Design ♦

♦ Delicious Lunch ♦

♦ Self-creation time, Art Therapy, Wellness rituals, Excursions and Adventures, Relaxation ♦ 

♦ Exquisite Dinner ♦ 

♦ Stargazing, socializing, moonwalking, drinks & poetry ♦

Pete Longworth - Creative Rehab Bali

Tell me more about the How...

This adventure stands on 5 pillars, essential to your growth and transformation: 


  • Take the Creative Reins of your life, work and heart. Begin to approach your life in a way that truly inspires and connects with others.
  • Find, strengthen and/or refine your voice and skills as a writer and communicator, through storytelling, self-expression and self-inquiry exercises. 
  • Dig deeper and get a clearer view of your creative identity and soul signature. Connect the dots between your own personal story and the greater story you're telling with your life. 
  • Rediscover or determine your creative mission + vision, and realign your life and message with your greater purpose.  
  • Get out of your comfort zone, and learn to speak your truth and communicate more freely, openly, and unapologetically, without excuses, hesitation or self-doubt. 
  • Learn essential communication, business and marketing tools that will help you share your message and work with the world in a profitable and authentic way -- being also a way that truly inspires and connects with others. 
Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016

✔ EXCURSIONS, MINI-ADVENTURES & DAY TRIPS: We're mothered by Nature and fathered by Adventure. At Creative Rehab Bali, we'll be honoring both with three exciting mini-adventures. You can join us on all or swap them for extra rest, writing or wellness treatments: 

  • We'll sail at sunrise with dolphins. (Yes, real dolphins!) One of our fondest memories of Bali and among the most memorable experiences we've ever had. We can't wait to share this magic with you. 
  • We'll swim at hot springs, visit sacred temples and hike through green and luscious forests. 
  • We'll snorkel and scuba dive at Menjangan Island - in the Bali Sea - with Zen Diving, the resort's holistic diving center

Andrea Balt - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016

✔ YOGA & MEDITATION: This is a physical, mental and spiritual journey inward, to the core of you, where real change begins. Detoxing your mind through meditation and your body through yoga is an important part of this transformation.  

  • You'll have a chance to welcome each day at the first break of light with Zen Resort's daily sunrise meditation. 
  • Followed by an hour of morning yoga that will help you work through your physical blocks, open up the creative flow, and energize you for the day ahead. All before breakfast!

Andrea Balt - Creative Rehab Bali

WELLNESS TREATMENTS, RELAXATION, MASSAGE THERAPY, THE ART OF LOVING YOUR BODY: Your body is your home and the most sacred vessel through which you experience reality.  

  • Give it the rest, love and nourishment that it needs and deserves, at the Zen Resort Spa on site, through a wide variety of Ayurveda massages and wellness treatments delivered with grace and care by highly trained therapists. Read more about the spa and all the different treatments HERE. 
  • As part of your retreat package, you get one 60-minute massage, as well as one 30-minute consultation with the Ayurveda doctor on site to discuss your body type and recommended diet and treatments. 

Pete Longworth Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Jeremy Goldberg - Creative Rehab Bali
Andrea Balt - Creative Rehab Bali

CREATIVE RITUALS, BALINESE CULTURE SHOW, CONNECTION, FUN & CELEBRATION: Let yourself be loved, seen and celebrated, as you begin to truly see, create and celebrate others, and all the life within and around you.  

  • We've got some sweet surprises, creative rituals and celebrations that will delight your senses, help you let go of what is still holding you back, deepen your connection to the kindred creators adventuring with you, and renew your creative commitment to your purpose, yourself and the world. 
Pete Longworth - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Pete Longworth  - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Pete Longworth  - Creative Rehab Bali 2016

Okay… You had me at Bali… How much? 

Check out our different room and payment options below and select the one that suits your preference and budget. 

The approximate group size is 20-30 participants depending on room availability, first-come, first-served. We are unable to reserve your spot unless you sign up.

The average age of our participants ranges between mid-20s and late 40s, although we are open to all ages over 21. 

We are creating the ideal atmosphere for a small group experience, where we can get to know each other, and connect with kindred creatives. This is a trip of self-discovery, purpose, adventure and art. A journey back to the heart of all things.

If this might be the life-changing creative adventure you need, don't leave it for later. Our Creative Rehab retreats tend to sell out in advance. 

Accommodation, Rates & Payment Options

The Zen Resort offers two room types: Deluxe and Premium Villas, in double or single occupancy. Read the villa descriptions below, select the best option for you, and proceed to the Checkout page, where you can review your retreat package, read our Terms & Conditions + Refund Policy and make your booking. 

The total varies depending on the type of accommodation you choose. All prices listed are per person, in USD. 



The Deluxe Villas overlook the forest, rice-fields, vineyards and beyond, the Sea of Bali. They each have a terrace with a table and lounge chairs, a large air-conditioned bedroom with king-size or twin four-poster beds, beautifully carved Balinese furniture and handmade furnishings, and an open-air shower or bathtub. They also include a fan, insect net fitted windows, a safety deposit box and a refrigerator. [Size: 54/64 sq meters]



The Premium Villas are entered through a private terrace, with a relaxing outdoor daybed, coffee table with lounge chairs, overlooking a private plunge pool and lush gardens, the forest and rice-fields, vineyards and the Sea of Bali beyond. These luxurious villas have an air-conditioned bedroom, with a king size four-poster bed, designer Balinese furniture, hand made furnishings and artwork, a large bathroom with dressing area, corner rain shower room with wide-open windows and tropical plants. Additional features include a safety deposit box, a refrigerator, hair dryer and dressing mirror. Only bed type available: King Size. Recommended for couples or singles. [Size: 80 sq meters]

For additional information about arrival times, airport + transportation, as well as our Cancellation & Refund Policy, please read our Terms & Conditions. 


Run Away with Us!

Got any questions before you decide? We’re one email away: info@creativerehab.co

Our Creative Rehab retreats tend to sell out fast. If your heart is pulling you in our direction, don’t delay your aliveness. Save your spot NOW!

You may attend solo, with a partner, or with friends. Solo Travelers booking double occupancy will be rooming with another awesome Lady/Gentleman joining us. Around half of our participants travel solo and book double rooms. If you fall in this category and you haven't traveled solo before or attended this type of event, don't worry, you'll be in good hands and great company. 


  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure via a private driver + van. 
  • Retreat taxes.
  • All-inclusive accommodation for 7 nights + 8 days (including afternoon/evening on arrival day + morning on departure day) at Zen Resort Bali. 
  • Daily fresh flowers and fruit basket + mineral drinking water. 
  • 3 plant-based meals every day (vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free also available) including traditional and delicious Balinese dishes.
  • Dinner on the day of arrival (March 23) / Breakfast + Lunch on the day of departure (March 30). 
  • All Creative Rehab workshops and activities. 
  • All yoga classes + meditation sessions. 
  • A 30-minute consultation with the Ayurveda Naturopathy doctor on site. 
  • A 60-minute Ayurveda massage at the Zen Spa. 
  • End of week special dinner and performance, including a Balinese culture show, music and dance (this will be incredible, trust us...) 
  • 2 Amazing Mini Adventures: Sailing at sunrise with dolphins and Swimming at Banjar Hot Springs + eco-forest hike and meditation at Vihara Buddhist temple. 
  • Creative Rehab workbooks, with workshop notes, additional writing, self-inquiry & life design exercises + daily inspiration.


✖ Roundtrip airfare to and from Bali. 

✖ Airport fees in Bali or your departing country (if applicable).

✖ Visa fees. (After signing up signing up, we'll send you an email with further information on entry requirements for Bali, along with other details about our adventure). 

✖ Additional Ayurveda treatments available at the Zen Resort SPA (over 30 targeted treatments, such as herbal oil massages, facials, baths & more). Read about the SPA services HERE

✖ Snorkelling and Scuba Diving at Menjangan Island (in the Bali Sea) with Zen Diving. PRICES: Snorkeling - $75 USD/person | Diving (2 dives) - $195 USD / person. 

✖ Art Therapy Workshop with Guest Artist ($65 USD/person)

✖ Additional local activities and excursions available to book at the Resort in your free time, if desired.  

✖ Travel insurance. (Highly recommended). 

✖ Additional a la carte food and drinks you can order at the Restaurant or Bar: juices, cocktails, snacks, etc.

✖ Your decision to participate in the transformative activities and program we've put together. Your commitment to your higher self, your happiness and your creative journey. Your choice to make the best out of this life-changing experience. 

Maria Font Photography - Creative Rehab Bali 2016
Andrea Balt - Creative Rehab Bali 2016

Come away with us and experience 7 Days of Life-Changing Art & Adventure, Writing & Culture, Creative Troublemaking & Empowering Life Design in the company of a select group of soulful Dreamers & Doers, in one of the most beautiful heavens on earth. 

Let us help you come back to life. Test your fear. Face your truth. Remember your heart. Refresh your mind. Relax and love your body.  

Create your story from a different vantage point. Immerse yourself in another culture and open your eyes to new ways of experiencing this short and beautiful human experience.


Come Re-Create Yourself with Us!

To join us, scroll to the accommodation options above and choose your best fit. You'll be redirected to the checkout page where you can read our Terms & Conditions + Refund Policy, and review your booking, before signing up. 

Interested but not ready to jump yet? Sign up for our Creative Rehab Inner Circle & you'll receive soulful reminders about this + other creative adventures around the world!

Got any friends who could benefit from this Adventure? Spread the word & help us find each other! 

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